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L-Rich (L$) is a hip-hop recording artist from Las Vegas, NV. From high-school dropout to full-time six figure creative, L$ gives a modern take on the rags to riches story. For fans of Mac Miller, bbno$, and Channel Tres.

Lionel “Lio” Rich, also known as L-Rich, is a rapper/DJ from Las Vegas, NV. He is featured on American Idol Season 21 and Jimmy Kimmel Live. He has opened for P-LoA$AP TwelvyyESTA., and more. His career highlight to date is performing live for an 800+ crowd, Saturday Night at Life Is Beautiful Music Festival, 2021.


Playing drums since third grade, it wasn’t long before he found himself immersed in the music production software, FL Studio. A lifelong songwriter, he began recording himself rapping in middle school. By eighth grade he had made a name for himself as a freestyle rapper and became obsessed with the underground hip-hop scene where he was introduced to pills, stimulants and psychedelics. 


By 14-years-old, he became a dropout. What would get L-Rich back into school was his love for sports and music, making sports teams and the school choir. He went on to win his senior year talent show by performing an original rap. After high school, L-Rich attendee University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he became a successful promoter. Post-college, he joined We The Beat and JusCollege to produce sold out shows for acts such as MigosWiz KhalifaTroyBoi and Snakehips. 
 The current L-Rich sound is focused on trying to bridge the gap between hip-hop and electronic music. His songs preach living life to the fullest in both fun and serious manners. Outside of rapping, L-Rich runs a talent agency, music school, and is a Las Vegas resident club DJ, under his artist alter-ego, Lio.

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